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And so with those immortal Bill and Ted words:

Today I was sad to see comics posted without credit somewhere for the millionth time, and aired my frustration on twitter. It gets me down sometimes, even though we all know what the internet is like! Credit the artists whose comics you post! They…

Yet another list of people’s webcomics, as collected by Ms Beaton on twitter this afternoon.


“This is a funny job. Webcomics are often cited as the future of comics and the internet and I don’t know what else, but the fact that no one has retired from them yet means that I, at least, rest a little uneasy in these shoes sometimes if only for the lack of having a dependable compass by which to steer the ship. I just want to make the best decisions I can, so that I will be around longer, making drawings and comics and writing and other things that I hope people will enjoy. I’m not sure what will work out with these opportunities that have come my way, and I guess I can’t really say much about them, but I think I’d be a fool if I didn’t give them a try. So I am going to! Whatever I can let you know, I will.”

Kate Beaton announcing that she’s taking a break from webcomics for the forseeable future.  So follow her new Tumblr, with all her researchy bits! (via ladiesmakingcomics)

Sadface. But all the best to her!



Reading positions by Kate Beaton (who’s on Tumblr!)

I sure am!

So there you go, folks, you now have no excuses not to credit!
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It’s been a very good year for me and comics. To celebrate, and to give a little back, I thought I would take on questions from people who are trying to make it in the world of webcomics. If there’s one thing I really understand, it’s that this business can be confusing- knowing what to do and how to do it. I asked a lot of questions when I started, that’s for sure.

Running a comic is different for everyone, and I can only really speak from my own experience, but hopefully I’ll have something worth telling by this point.

If you have anything you’d like to ask, write to this address: beatonna at gmail dot com. Put the subject as ‘webcomics’!

I’ll take the most commonly asked questions and answer them after a while in a new post. Don’t ask me to look through your comics send a link to your site, I’m not going to look through anyone’s website (stressful). This is more of a for-everyone thing. Your questions, of course, will be about you and for you and that’s fine! But ask in a way that will be useful for more people, so we can all get in on the fun. I’ll be as honest as I can!

Canvas  by  andbamnan