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The Takeover - Script by Jared Throne / Art by Xulia Vicente

I’ve been working on this comic for quite some months now, can’t believe we’ve finished it. It’s the first time I work with a script writer, and jaredthrone has been a super cool mate. We both enjoyed it, and I’m glad to have put time and calm on it, that’s why the result is a bit different to my usual stuff.

Anyway, we just hope you all enjoy it as much as we did :) Any feedback is welcome!



Our Love Is Real by samhumphries

FIVE YEARS AFTER THE AIDS VACCINE…Plantsexuals riot in the streets for equal rights. Humans fall in love with dogs. And crystals are more than just jewelry. A chance encounter on the job changes a riot cop’s life forever as he finds himself caught in a bizarre love triangle that blurs romance, crime, and lust beyond recognition. 

A book that’s all at once bizarre, violent & endearing, Our Love Is Real is not to be missed. I guarantee you you’ll never read anything like it anywhere else.

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You will also receive another creator-owned comic by Sam called Sacrifice #1, which I will post about in a second. 

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OUR LOVE IS REAL is the comic that made me a “name” but it has fostered a legend of its own over the years.

For all the people who come up to me and ask, “What’s the deal with OUR LOVE IS REAL” this is the time to find out.


Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 
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My comic for Terrestrial. I had a lot of fun working on this! I kind of want to do more with these witches sometime, hmm.

(click the link above to buy a copy, everyone’s pieces are so great!)



I always struggled with reading comprehension as a kid and found that recasting the stories with anime and video game characters helped keep me interested. Did anyone else have this same problem? I’m curious as to how you guys overcame it! :)

Stu makes good comics!


My little secret.

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