drama and snake-friendship.

I was gonna make like a 2 page comic just for fun and then it ended up with 6 pages, woops


Ohohohooo ladies and gents…
I am positively chuffed to say these words…

The Dawngate Chronicles begins TODAY! PAGE 1 IS LIVE.

It’s on.


Believe in Steven


Janine and Candice 36: Meet Daniel

I was in the bathroom one day and saw a small bug. Only, it wasn’t quite a bug. Yeah, it was one of those damn eight-legged arachnids. It knew how to hide well. Ah, they frighten.


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A light through wind chime (Part1)

A short comic I did for my previous company’s artbook , “Little Giant - Crescent” . I was procrastinating until the last minute… it was rushed, so I’m not too happy with the colors, but who to blame but myself.

It’s a 12 pages comic, but tumblr only allow 10 images per post… so I need to split it into 2 different posts. Read part 2 here.





This is a comic I made for the Irene anthology.

James Hindle’s comic in the upcoming Irene 4.

We just put up preorders for Irene 4 (we’re doing a big announcement about that tomorrow), and we’re offering Irene 4 as discounted combo pack with Irene 3 for a limited time, too! Preorders will begin shipping on May 13th, 2014.

Oh hey, Irene 4 preorders are up. More on that tomorrow.

Here’s James Hindle’s comic from the forthcoming book. The whole volume is going to be knock-down fantastic. Coming so, so soon.

The new issue of Irene is on its way. More information tomorrow, but in the meantime you can whet your appetite on James Hindle’s wonderful contribution to the book.


Jean & Scott, Episode 7 by Max Wittert

(Twitter: TallBlondNRich / Instagram: FionaSnapple)

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Canvas  by  andbamnan